“Books choose their authors; the act of creation is not entirely a rational and conscious one.”

~Salman Rushdie

When I first read this quote I felt certain he wrote if for me.

My memoir is a book of discovery while writing my stories of women in our history. Titled When We Came Together I share my experiences and changes that came about in my life during my writings and research. I hope other women will read not only my stories but my memoir as well and feel empowered to just be themselves. You don’t have to travel to foreign countries or wonder off to be by yourself. It’s about making decisions and changing your current way of thinking to a fulfillment of living the life you have for yourself.

My chosen path often I have questioned. What am I supposed to do with my life. Most people go through this right after high school and take a year to ‘find’ themselves.  Some never discover it and continue through their journey lost and unsure, afraid to take that leap of happiness.  Often exploring trials and errors at who I thought I was, or supposed to be failed miserably. But at least I tried.

Growing up with an older mother (in the day) was difficult and trying at every step. We fought constantly. While she was experiencing menopause, I was a ripe teenager who defied everything authority tried to bestow upon me. I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted – even though I never went after any of it.Later realizing my mother lived her life for herself and a true pioneer before her time I now embrace her as the most courageous woman I ever knew. I miss her terribly every day, but know she is with me on my journey.

I wanted a family. To be a devoted wife and mother. And that is what I did. Vowing to myself that I was going to have my children while I was young and dumb. So when I reached my forties I would still be young enough to do what I wanted to do. That is one item I put in my life path and stuck to it.

At forty, I decided to chase the dream of becoming a writer. I also love photography and chose to follow the path for fun. Taking on-line classes and devoting all my time to learning the craft I set out on an unknown adventure. It has taken four years for me to ‘find’ myself and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, sort of. Learning and living the life as a writer I finally found a project that not only inspired me, it fueled my love for a hidden desire. To write about history.

During this journey I discovered not only myself, but have made deep spiritual connections with women in our historical past who have chosen me to write their stories. I am honored to tell their stories and take their not so subtle hints with a smile.

Our founding mothers did not worry about the thinking of others, they just did it. They did not worry about popularity or rely on the support of men. They just did it. This discovery through research has brought uncanny ability in me. Live my life for me. Encourage other women to do the same. The most rewarding job you could ever endure, – You.

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