About Me and Published Credits

My love for writing took many years to emerge.  After exploring online writing classes for fun I became addicted to writing. Instructor Eva Shaw, PhD. and her clever teachings fueled my love for the craft. Joining The Las Vegas Quill Keepers in 2006 expanded my knowledge and brought friendships I still share in the writing community. Next I joined the Henderson Writers Group from 2008-2010, I held the position of Publicity Chairman & Editor of the HWG Weekly News from 2008 – 2011.

I was interviewed for Examiner.com in October of 2010. You can read more about me  Spotlight: Teresa Watts – Turned curiosity into a career – Las Vegas writing | Examiner.com

My former work experience in Sales and Marketing were beneficial in promoting the Las Vegas Writers Conference  and several author friends.

Published credits: Patchwork Path: Friendship Star,  November 2009  ISBN 978-0-9816643-3-0. Patchwork Path: Treasure Box, Release Date November 2010. http://patchworkpath.com Las Vegas Quill Keepers CD Anthology 2007 & 2008. View Newspaper 2008.

Photo Credits: Cover Photo Las Vegas Chew Toy, by Laura L. Alton ISBN 978-0-9821352-6-6. The View Newspaper Feb 2008. Las Vegas Quill Keepers CD Anthology Cover Photo 2008.

Meandering Through the Life of Me    is where I express my personal journey with snippets and trinkets of my life. Sometimes a little venting.

My current WIP has brought a new enlightened spiritual love of the women in our history. How they took steps for independence and freedom to think and live as they desired. During my research, I have discovered the dismissal of these unspoken heroines of our past.

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