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Gannett Family Grave site Deborah Sampson a.k.a. Robert Shurtlieff

Rock Ridge Cemetery, Sharon Massachusetts November 2010

Me at Deborah Sampson’s Grave site, Sharon Massachusetts November 2010.

I recently found out a male resident in Sharon Massachusetts has taken a keen interest in Deborah Sampson and is writing her story. GREAT! I wish him much success.

During my research of women in US History, Deborah is one of the most fascinating women I discovered. But… men writing about women has always rang too technical to me. Which always takes me back to conversations I have with women about men and history. “It’s done their way and they forget about the ladies.” “That’s why it’s called HIS-story” I giggle a little. The dividing line between men and women always gives me a little giggle, I can’t help it.

As a woman I research between the lines. It’s what we do, we are known for beating the facts…

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