Another Gutsy Woman in History Takes a Flight of Faith

Every morning I go through today in history from the website. One of my favorite sites when I’m researching. I share the information on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Facebook and Google+ I don’t get to many shares or responses, but on Twitter I get several compliments that read “thank you, enjoy reading your daily history post.” I really appreciate hearing those comments and I thank you if you are reading this post today.

The first post I share is always from The Revolutionary War, every day in history something happened. Sunday through Saturday. The Revolution was the most notable time in history, each and every detail was a first in American history. The trinkets of information I discover from the era intrigue me on a daily basis. You won’t learn this type of information in a text book and I think that’s a shame.

Of course, the ladies were doing equally important deeds on a daily basis. Today I jump forward to 1935 and write about Amelia.

In 1935, Amelia Earhart Putnam was the first PERSON to fly solo from Hawaii to California. It took two days! With commercial airlines a way of transportation today, people don’t realize how incredible this event was in history. Air flight goes back centuries. Until the Wright brothers successfully flew their glider 622 feet in 1902 did air flight really begin it’s advancement in technology.


Thirty-three years prior with no computers, robots, Microsoft or Apple fancy software, two men and nothing more than a pencil, paper, a creative collaboration and good old fashioned sweat and hard labor (you know when you physically create something that is not computer generated) helped advance technology for humans, particularly one gal to fly in the air over land and sea to get somewhere. Now for a woman to do this – well it was phenomenal.

image Her arrival on January 13, 1935 in Oakland California. image

On July 2,1937 on a flight around the world Amelia Earhart along with her passenger navigator Fred Noonan vanished and were never found. I don’t like to dwell on the death of the women I write about, I prefer to write about the outstanding accomplishments they conquered while they were living. They lived and they lived the way they wanted to.

As Amelia said it in a letter she wrote to her husband George, the letter he was to read in case she never came home from one of her record breaking flights:

“I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others.” ~ Amelia Earhart

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  1. linda collison says:

    Oh, yeah! I’ve always admired Amelia.

  2. Brenda Minor says:

    I was so inspired by this information today. What a woman! If we only had a fraction of her gutsy moxy we’d be famous and wealthy.

  3. Alba Arango says:

    I also have always loved Amelia. She is truly an inspiration. As are you!

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