Nevada & The Re-election of President Abraham Lincoln


It’s no wonder Nevada is a gambling state. President Abraham Lincoln granted Nevada statehood on October 31, 1864. On this day November 8, 1864 President Abraham Lincoln was re-elected.

The gamble? The president seeking re-election needed the three Electoral votes and with only eight days left until the Presidential election, it was a gamble and he came out victorious.

At the July 4th convention in Carson City in 1864 the Nevada Constitution was created and approved by the end of the convention on July 28th. Union sympathizers were so eager to become a state they telegraphed the constitution to Congress instead of sending it by train out of concern it would not make it in time for the presidential election. The cost to send the 16,543 word document, $4,303.27. The costliest telegraph in history. A record held for 17 years until 1881 when the English Standard Version of the New Testament knocked us right off the grid with 118,000 words. (the irony of Good vs. Evil)

image Page one of the Nevada Constitution  image The signature page.

At the time to be considered a state, a population of 40,000 was required, Nevada had less than 20,000. Then and in today times that would be considered one shady deal. Lincoln was not challenged on his decision to grant Nevada statehood. Our country was four years into the Civil War, how our motto of the “Battle Born State” became, and the west held high prosper hopes with the discovery of Silver and Gold in the mountainous regions for settlers and the  countries desire to end the War.

Before 1858 Mormon settlers controlled then Utah territories and communities were ran on faith, the accidental discovery of Silver in the hills of Virginia City by James Finney, known as the Comstock Lode, (the first discovery of silver ore in the United States) meant boom towns and prosperous fortunes. Come one come all! By 1870 Nevada population grew 562% to over 42,000 people.

Nevada is known as Sin City and the constant struggle of Good vs. Evil existing since the beginning of our history. Nevada is the 4th largest producer of Gold, ranked 7th of the largest states with 110,562 square miles and number 35 on the highest populated states with 2.7 million residents. 1.7 million residing in the Las Vegas Valley according to the 2010 Census.

I normally write about women in US History. Today on the anniversary of President Abraham Lincolns re-election and the connection to Nevada well it seemed a good fit for writing about this portion of our American History.

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