Benedict Arnold the Insistent Character

My novel begins in 1783 as the Revolutionary War is ending and AFTER Benedict Arnolds act of treason against the United States. So why does he keep popping up in my story?

A mention the first time it fit the story line, but then he managed to get his name in a second time. Hmm, what is he up to?

My travel buddy mentioned how interested I was at Colonial Williamsburg when the character portraying Benedict Arnold showed up I listened to his entire speech.

I decided to do a little research on the traitor and see why he insists on having a presence in my story.

Masque of the Revolution tells the story of young Anella Bradford, a soldier and Culper Ring Spy. Betrothed to Colonel John Paul Chantelle’ a gentry man of Plymouth Massachusetts, handsome, tall, poised for political power and set to inherit the family fortune.

Anella had no interest in getting married. She wanted to travel the country, work and support herself. Oh sure her family had a name, Bradford. Anella’s great-great grandfather William Bradford sailed the Mayflower and served as Governor of the Plymouth Colony for over thirty years.

Serving as a soldier in the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment, she had contact with George Washington for whom she reported the enemy locations as a Culper Spy, served as a waiter to General John Paterson and had a close friendship with Paul Revere. What does Benedict Arnold have to do with all of that?

Well, Benedict Arnold by today’s standards not a team player. He was very upset when passed up for promotion to Brigadier General and financially broke. A widower who didn’t do well after his wife died finagled his way into command of West Point and put a price tag on it for £20,000. When that didn’t work he didn’t let it go. He wanted revenge.

That is how he weaseled his way into my story by name only without ever making an appearance.

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