Inspired Again!

A few days ago I posted “sidelined and uninspired” to write. Well that has all changed. When you are stuck in your writing, go to a Writers Conference.

I had not planned on attending the Las Vegas Writers Conference this year due to financial reasons. The feeling of ‘all my friends are there and I’m not’ got the best of me. My husband told me to work it out, find a way. So I did.

The feeling started creeping back in as I read over the schedule of workshops and revisiting so many friends I had not seen for some time. Then it happened… At the opening dinner my target agent sat right there at my table!  I have been drawn to this agent since I spotted the name on the list of Agents who handle historical fiction back in early 2010. I can’t explain it. I just am.

Part of my job as the Publicity Chairman of the Henderson Writers Group is to welcome the faculty and thank them for attending the conference. I was extremely thankful this agent came.  Then I had to ask about my dilemma on researching agents to query; what’s the fine line between historical fiction and historical romance agents? I have found it a little murky on some sites. Romance is hot no denying it, but I don’t write romance nor do I read it. I find it boring. Agent gave me great advice on stating ‘historical fiction’ in my query right away. Noted.

I then went into my story. Agent suggested writing a book proposal due to my information. Agent had not heard of my lady Deborah Sampson. I mentioned that was in the works, as I felt the same way.To get published is my mission.  Because this agent understands the purpose of attending a writers conference agent inquired to everyone at the table ‘what do they write and what have they got’. A breath of fresh air from the previous year when none of the agents seemed interested in anything anyone was writing, very depressing and several complaints from attendees. That did not happen this year from any of the attendees. We had a fabulous line up.

As the weekend progressed my inspiration went into overload. I couldn’t wait to get back home and start back on the book.

The end result, after ‘unofficially pitching’ agent all weekend on the last day I finally sat down with a ‘formal pitch’. Through my discussions with agent over the weekend I never mentioned the fiction part of the story. Agent is interested. I have until June to finish the mss and of course get it edited before I see Agent in San Diego at the Historical Novel Society Conference.

Agent did say to me ‘I hope I love your writing’. Agent and I both!  If this doesn’t work out, well it can happen I am realistic on that. But – I am inspired, an Agent is interested in my story and now I am back to writing.



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3 Responses to Inspired Again!

  1. donriggio says:

    Write Place…Write time always applies. Writers groups and conferences are extremely important. I know full well how your duties with the group stretched you to the limit. That’s passed now. In your deadline you will need the support of the others in the group to help you along…don’t go the road alone…read at meetings…post on yahoo…we are all pulling for you…you have helped so many of us in so many ways…now it’s our turn to help you.

    COngrats and good luck,

    • teresalwatts says:

      Thanks Donald! You’re the best. I won’t read at meetings, but I will open to a select few who are interested in reading. I do have a small group I work with.

  2. Teresa,

    I am thrilled that the “planting of seeds” as you put it to me at the conference, have sprouted into something promising. I’m in total agreement with Donald in that you have done so much for HWG and this had got to be your time! Best of luck!
    Judy Rebholz

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