Deborah’s Way

deborah sampson house and museum 025Painting of Deborah Sampson Gannett displayed at the Sharon Massachusetts Historical Society.

When I traveled back east this past fall for research on my book I couldn’t imagine how important the entire trip would turn out to be. The point of the trip was to research the time period of my genre. I wanted to see how life was in the 18th Century.

I didn’t realize the impact of meeting Deborah Sampson would have on my immediate life. The deeper into research I go and the more I learn about this incredible woman the stronger I become. I know deep in my heart Deborah came to me for a reason. She wants someone to write her story who understands her. What her core being truly is and why she did what she did. Over time history has twisted and turned the truth and we simply will never know what really happened during the Revolutionary War and events that founded our country. We get the highlights.

During a session at the cemetery at Deborah’s gravesite her message was clear. “I didn’t intend to set out and change things. I just did what made me happy.” So profound. Then she said, “I had a temper but didn’t lash out at people. I was angry when my gender restricted how society said I could live.”

As I reflect back on my own personal feelings and how I live, I feel exactly the same way. I stand strong in what I believe in, some take that as opinionated. If I express how something affects me, I’m told well everyone else doesn’t feel that way, why do you?

For the most part Deborah was a loner. Some took that because she was guarding her secret identity. But I feel that is not the only reason. Deborah’s strong intentions and actions result from her desires to move forward and accomplish what she set out to do. She didn’t accept other people telling her how she was going to live. I am the same way. Why are we chastised for that? I don’t accept it either.

I look forward to learning more about Deborah and myself and this incredible journey we are on. Writing her story is an honor. I am happy she chose me to write it.

Best Wishes and Happy Writings

Teresa L. Watts


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