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The year my mother passed away was a difficult and trying time in my life. She died sixteen days before Christmas on December 9, 2004.

My story Memory Box is now available in Patchwork Path Treasure Box. This is my second paid publication and I find the irony in the release of the book is officially  December 9, 2010, exactly six years ago today mother passed away.

Well I have to confess now, in the story I have the year as 2003 and the date twenty two days before Christmas. It’s funny how the mind places tricks on you. I always have a time remembering when she actually died. My wonderful Aunt’s birthday was December 9, and she died the year before mother. Dates always play a strange game in my life. But that’s another story.

The year mother died, that Christmas my husband gave me a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Well at the time I didn’t understand it, a few months later it became the most precious gift that holds very special memories.

You can order a signed copy from me direct by emailing your information to me.

Books make special gifts. All the books in the Patchwork Path series are about piecing our lives together one block at a time.

Teresa L. Watts


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