A Colonial Experience

To write a story in the historical genre you will find thousands of books on the subject in that era. However, to experience how life truly happened day to day, you need to exist in the time period. I wanted a flavor of how they dressed, to touch the fabric of their clothing. How big were the homes? What was considered a mansion? What did they do for entertainment before TV and Internet? What did the meals consist of, how was it prepared, what time of day did they eat dinner? How were dishes and laundry done before electric dishwashers and washing machines? How do you do step back in time some three hundred years later? Visit Colonial Williamsburg, in Williamsburg Virginia.

My first visit to Colonial Williamsburg in 1985 left a dreadful memory. I was in Washington D.C. on business and my wonderful boss at the time arranged the trip so we could have a few days to sight see. The trip happened in August – eighty-five degrees, eighty-five percent humidity, etc. And as a desert rat raised in a dry climate, I got heat stroke. The bus ride from D.C. to Williamsburg was long and seemed as if it were done on horse and buggy. I recall people dressed in colonial attire, a few shops with demonstrations of how something was made and not much else.

My second trip now twenty five years later (25 years? Where did time go?) in cooler weather and heavily invested in the era I came away with a large amount of photos and research material. The valuable experience brought new founded appreciation and understanding on the founding of our country.

Over the next few weeks I will post information and photos of my research trip from my perspective. My experience and wonderful memories as I walked through living history.

None of this would have been possible without my wonderful travel buddy and friend, Gregory A. Kompes. Our trip took thirteen long exhausting days, about seven thousand miles of driving,  and we still came back friends. That’s a true friend for you. I love you and will never be able to thank you enough. You are wonderful!

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2 Responses to A Colonial Experience

  1. Teresa,

    I’m so thrilled your trip was more than you ever dreamed! The photos are terrific and it looks like you have plenty of material for you novel. You and Mr. Gregory look awesome in the carriage, how fun!

    Judy Rebholz

  2. teresalwatts says:

    Thank you Judy. It was incredible. The new information I have, confirmations of things I thought were true but wasn’t quite sure.. you know all that cool stuff. I will be very busy for quite some time with all the goodies

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