Dealing with Unpleasant Characters

This past Sunday, a rare day for me to be on the computer, I spent the day researching and reading more fascinating material of the women in our history. Touching base here and there on women as undercover operatives in the Revolutionary War I didn’t pay too much attention. At the time, my gals were not such people. Well, here we are further down the line and having more knowledge – someone needs to be.

I have a character, Rachel Sinclair, in my book that I can’t stand. What a real Biatch she is. I didn’t know what to do with her, I don’t like her and I didn’t pay too much attention to her. She is a menial character that I remove from the story pretty quick. Well not anymore, now she has moved forward and she’ll actually have a significant role in the book. This I struggle with. Must I deal with her, and give her an important role in history? And a kinda cool one at that?

If they play a significant role in your story, you have to give them credit. I want my readers to not like her, but they have to have some level of interest in her to stay with the story. Right? (I’m banking on that)

Spicing it up and plugging along

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