Accuracy Counts So Does Understanding It

I had an opportunity to read my first chapter to some writer friends. I cherish their opinions and took the comments seriously.

When writing historical works, it is important to get it right. But, I discovered you have to make sure the reader understand what you are saying. During my reading of The Female Review a few words struck me. Croon Pond/ Cron Pond, two different spellings, the meaning; The french field hospital during the revolutionary war. I used it in my chapter and everyone thought my soldier was in a pond! Well, that didn’t work. I had to reword and rework the chapter to throw in the meaning to stay true to my time period.

Another word they used that I didn’t; rent. Nowadays it’s what we pay to have a roof over our head. Well during the 1700s it meant; a tear.

The conversation with writers friends they advised, stay true to your time period language but make sure it is something the reader can relate to.

Caution, too much accuracy can detour your reader. Don’t want that.


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