Timelines and Trees

The past few weeks has brought more discovery of extraordinary women to write about. I had not settled on the main character for Book 3. Afterall, I am still working on Book 1, but as the women in history I write about, they were not masters at patience.

The flood of physical sensations they give me are overwhelming and not to be ignored. A slew of test at my Doctor’s revealed I am in good health and all is working as should. I then spoke with my spiritual guide, I discovered someone wanted to be the main character for my third book. A few minutes of acknowledgement and research I discovered who she was and noted documents and links to read about her incredible life.

As I was taking a few notes, I quickly realized the timeline was not matching up. If the character in Book 2 was the mother of the main character in Book 3, she would have been fifty at the time of birth. Maybe in this century that could fly, not in the 17th Century. I had to backtrack the timeline and make her the grand-daughter.

I was talking with another writer friend last night and she asked if I had a family tree? Hmm, no I do not. I will be constructing a family tree today and I have to say I am excited.



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