It’s What They Did

I enjoy talking to people about the huge undertaking of my books. When I begin to explain about the women I have chosen to explore, somehow they always bring up women in history and what they did for their husbands.  Ugh.

It is becoming more difficult for me to bite my tongue and not spout out “my women are not martyrs!” I am not interested in what women did for their man. Their sacrifices, their loyalty and their duty it is just a bunch of babble – blah, blah.

There are many heroines in history known for their accomplishments, because they did it for their man. Molly Pitcher is probably the most well-known. I read about her, and quickly skipped over the paragraph when I read why she was so famous. As I give notation that my main character is based on a woman who fought in the Revolutionary War as a man – the response, “A lot of women fought in the war dressed as men.” A lot of women did so in the Civil War – to be with their husbands. History tip – The American Revolution was before the Civil War… My gal did it first and not to stand by her man.  HMPH!

Women in history set goals and achieved many things that are taken for granted today. They did venture out and accomplish what they set out to do without the leadership of A MAN. They were strong-willed, independent, smart, inventors, travelers, writers and leaders.

All of the women I have chosen to build my stories from:

1) None of them were married at the time.

2) None of them accomplished what they set out to do, to please anyone but themselves.

3)  They all conquered the obstacles and stereotypes set before them.

In the 1970s when feminism stepped onto center stage, that was nothing new or original. Women have been achieving much of what they protested and rallied for hundreds of years before them. The only difference; women in history did so with their minds – not their bodies.

Women (and even Men) have the ability to accomplish every goal they set for themselves without the help of an “attached partner”. It takes a plan, decisiveness, determination and movement forward.


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