Is the book G rated or PG rated?

hmmm. I ask myself this question. There is no explicit language – it’s the time period. No erotic love scenes, but there is love. But, there are killings, one intentional. My character is fighting in a war of course she killed, it’s survival. She does kill her husband – but he deserved it. Even my god fearing Christian friends ask me if I’ve killed the jerk off yet. So I have to ask myself when the time comes to submit my work to an agent – would a christian agent be right? Researching the right agent is very important.

My book is a saga with multiple books that follow.

I have a friend who writes very G rated. She does not even use cuss words in every day life. She submitted a query letter to a christian publisher and they responded back – ‘Sorry we do not publish mob books’ – her G rated book is a murder mystery based in Las Vegas – (see that whole stigma perception aspect.) Just because a murder mystery is based in Las Vegas doesn’t make it mob related. I got a big kick out of that. It is really how she wrote the query – she did not make her story very clear. Homework is important.


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