Robert Shurtliff

Deborah Samson Gannett

Deborah Samson Gannett

December 17,1760 – April 29, 1827

On April 29, 1827 Deborah Samson Gannett died at age 65. In 1783 while fighting in the Revolutionary War, as Robert Shurtliff, she was wounded from a sabre slash across her forehead, felled by a musket shot in her upper left thigh. In 1802 she became the first professional woman lecturer. In 1804, she was the first woman to receive her military back pay with an honorable discharge. After her death, her husband Benjamin was the first husband to receive wifes pension for time served in the military. 1983 Gov. Michael Dukakis signed proclamation declaring Deborah Samson the Official State Heroine of Mass. In 1985, US Capitol Historical Society issued a commemorative medal in her honor. In 2009, Author Teresa L Watts began writing her story.


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