Chapter Nine Brings A Need For A New Outline

     I began Chapter 9, and realized I was not ready. Chapter 8 was a gap that jumped too far forward. It was time to hit the dry erase boards and do some mapping.

    Wrote out several timelines to make sure what I wanted to happen was happening at the right time. Then it also came to my attention, hmm, I know where I want this story to go, but I need more detail of how to get there.

     This happens often with new writers. We write out an outline, then your characters take control and you are no where near that snazzy outline. Trash it, write from the fly. I am a visual writer, this works best for me. Now that I am into Chapter 9 and moving along to my satisfaction, I need a new outline.

     My girls are on the move, Plymouth is a thing of the past. Anella is separated from her children, escaped from prison and picked up an extra child along the way. Hannah and Xavier are on the move with the two little siblings and found the notice for the bounty on Anella and Xavier.

     Posing as a married couple with two boys, they travel through the eastern sea board towns attempting to go unnoticed. Heading for Jamestown Virginia in search of Aunt Ellen’s farm. Hannah is certain Anella is heading there too. But she wants to find Zachary to let him know what has happened.

     Back in Plymouth, Governor Collins is distraught over the past events and doesn’t know what to do. John Paul continues to beg for forgiveness and rally’s for anyone to believe him without success.


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