Restructure Sort of, New Added Direction- Thank You Louis L’Armour

Struggled with what to do with Book 1. I felt frustrated, what do I do with this? How can I make this work? Where can I place them to where they are not in the middle of wars, and politics, etc. etc. OHHh it was awful.

I do what I normally do when the words are in a mess, I go to the bookstore. I do a lot of research at the library, but the bookstore is a reminder this is why I write. I walked up and down each aisle. I looked at the titles, read a few back covers and flaps. Then I wandered over to the Westerns section.  I remembered my friend Dave mentioning he loved Louis L’Amour’s books. I looked around the shelves found a couple books, then I looked down and there was another shelf with nothing but his books on them! Wow this guy is a writing god, I want to meet  him.I knew of his work, I was not aware of how much there was.

Well, his dedication to writing the westerns inspired me. Don’t give up, get my butt back to work!


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