Story Lines

You can not have just one. Your reader will get bored and move on to another.

A story moves along when the reader has something to figure out.  They question while reading, will I be happy or sad. Their satisfaction is most important in your story. Characters must have conflict and desire.

In outlining my story, I started with ‘telling’ what I wanted to happen. Then I took my trusty 1/4 torn pieces of paper and began the story boarding process. The 3rd, to write out three story lines on three different pieces of 8×11 paper in different colored pens.

Story Line #1







The character is the who, what are they doing, why are they doing it, where do they go, when does this take place, how did it all happen.

Then I began a second piece of paper in a different colored pen and asked the same questions with a different character, and so on.

This is taped up where I can look at it, reference back to it. I move along my story board, and check off during the edit that I have included my 3 story lines. The term “braiding” your story lines together. Everyone and thing has ups and downs. Your characters need this too. Weaving the three story lines as you move your story along will keep the readers interested.

At least that my hope.


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